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WallyPark’s Waterless Car Wash

WallyPark airport parking offers easy waterless car wash when you travel

Our cars rank among our most expensive and most utilized possessions. We may hate paying the car-loan month after month, but we absolutely love having the freedom a vehicle offers.
Sure, detailing your vehicle may not be your first priority. Then again, maybe waxing your car is how you like to unwind on your day off. Unfortunately, who has time for that between running errands and getting the kids to and from little league?

We know how you feel. That’s where WallyPark comes in!

Rather than wasting your precious time, park your vehicle with WallyPark and have your car cleaned while you are away on your trip.

But you said waterless car wash? There is no way that is possible, right?

Ok, ok. There is a little water used in this car wash but only a teensy-weensy bit compared to a normal car wash. Let us explain!

What makes these car washes “waterless” is the pure fact that gallons and gallons of precious water are saved. WallyPark’s car wash partner, MetroShine Company, has come up with a better way to clean your vehicle but still save the environment.


What makes MetroShine car washes different from a normal car wash?

MetroShine isn’t simply another company taking a sponge and hose to your vehicle. With a cloth and a pint of organic car wash spray, the MetroShine team takes the time to carefully reach every nook and cranny of your vehicle.

It’s true. I’m a witness.

WallyPark offers Waterless Car Wash

Plus, if you’re concerned about the environment (which WallyPark definitely is) then you’ll love MetroShine even more! Besides the fact that their products are plant based, there are some other obvious reasons why you’ll love MetroShine….

                 METROSHINE                                                         TRADITIONAL CAR WASH

Waterless Car wash at wallypark airport parking

So What’s the Big Deal?

Even though it sounds unbelievable, this stuff actually works! From personal experience, I can truly say that Metroshine’s car wash is the bomb, and the paint job on my car has never looked so glossy. Plus, the shine from the car wash lasted quite a long time. I can honestly say that 2 weeks after the car wash I was still getting compliments on how nice my car looked (apparently, I need to have this done more often).

WallyPark airport parking offers convenient waterless car washes to help the environment

Besides the fact that your car will look awesome and you’ll be helping the environment, WallyPark conveniently offers these car washes at the following airport parking locations: Newark Airport, Philadelphia Airport, O’hare Airport, Denver Airport, Orlando Airport, Jacksonville Airport, Los Angeles Airport, San Diego Airport, and Seattle Airport. The next time you park with WallyPark, make sure to get your waterless carwash!



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