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WallyPark Will Plant Enough Trees to Fill an Airport

WallyPark Airport Parking is planting over 20,000 trees to help the environment

Make a Reservation and WallyPark will plant a tree!

Hey, do you enjoy breathing? Great, that means you like trees. If a tree gets planted and there’s no one there to see it, does it grow? Umm…go ahead and Google it—we don’t know. Something about the moon and the soil.

Here’s what we do know: healthy forests are not a luxury. The forests on this great planet are being decimated every single day. In short, we’ve been treating trees like bowling pins and striking ourselves out—fast. Sure, we collect many benefits from forests: land development, wood for various purposes (like baseball bats and chop sticks), paper for all the weirdos that don’t have computers, and fuel sources.

But what happens to the land?

Glad you asked: the land gets screwed, and so do we. Not only does its entire ecosystem of animals, plants, and insects get disrupted and uprooted, but cutting the trees down releases all the CO2 that the trees removed from the atmosphere. Want to take a guess where that CO2 ends up? Yeah, pretty much.

Well…here’s some good news.

WallyPark Airport Parking is teaming up with Trees, Water & People and has set itself the goal of planting 20,000 new trees this April! That’s enough (we hope) to fill an airport.

WallyPark Airport Parking is committed to helping the environment

This could be you. Just make a reservation

How will we do this?

When you make your WallyPark reservation for convenient airport parking online, not only will you receive the lowest available price, but for the rest of April, WallyPark will match every single reservation with a brand new tree planted—one for one. As the good folks of Trees, Water & People put it,

“Every tree planted represents greater biodiversity, improved habitat, healthier soils, cleaner water, nutritious foods, and communities equipped to own their future.”

Read that quote again. There’s a lot of good stuff there. Trees, Water & People are about a lot more than just planting trees, however. A major part of why WallyPark partnered with them was their reforestation programs, which “focus on establishing and maintaining tree nurseries, educating communities about the positive environmental impacts of reforestation, and strengthening economic development, both through conservation and the responsible management of forest resources.”

They are plugged in to their communities at the local level and are educating people on planting and maintaining trees. Above all, WallyPark shares their commitment to reducing our carbon footprint, making this planet of ours a little healthier.

What’s Next?

WallyPark Airport Parking wants to make the world green and environmentally friendly

This is only the latest effort in WallyPark’s commitment to support environmental and green initiatives. Not only do we offer waterless car washes as an added service, but we aim to convert all of our existing shuttles (nearly 200 of them) into electric shuttles in the near future (our LA shuttles are now fully electric).

Go ahead, make your reservation now and plant a new tree! By the time you’re on the plane and pulling your hair because you sat next to teenagers looking out the window, there’s a good chance your tree will already be growing. You can even give the tree a name. Just don’t pick Wally, that’s taken. Seriously. We’ll know.

Author: Alfredo Lopez

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