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Uber’s Surge Pricing is Driving Customers Nuts

WallyPark Airport Parking is helping customers who are upset at Uber surge pricing

Surge pricing by Uber is knocking people out

Are you familiar with Uber’s “surge pricing?” Surge pricing is the practice of raising prices during times of high demand. For example, there is typically high demand during rush hour, holidays, music or sporting events, inclement weather, etc. At WallyPark Airport Parking, we’ve gained tons of new airport parking customers who have simply had enough of Uber’s “opportunism.”

Indeed, several of our customers were shocked an Uber ride could ever be so expensive. Why? When Uber’s surge pricing is in effect, the rates can go up to as much as 5 or 6 times the normal fare amount.

Take the case of Brenden Mulligan, who wrote in his blog that “it was New Year’s Eve, so Uber had variable pricing in effect (which they unfortunately call “Surge” pricing). Historically on these nights, Ubers cost about 2x more than normal. Last night, however, they tried something new. They used full variable pricing, where throughout the night, prices fluctuated freely. There wasn’t a cap.”

Can you imagine no cap on prices? Ugh…just no.

In looking at customer feedback on Uber’s “surge pricing,” people were often comfortable with rates being a little higher. After all, most people understand that there are times when certain services or products cost a little more (think of flowers on Valentine’s Day, or hotels on New Year’s Eve). That wasn’t what people took issue with. They took issue with the fact that Uber did not make it clear how much the actual ride would cost them.

Can you imagine paying over $100 just to get a ride to the airport? And then possibly paying that much again on your way back home?

If that sounds ridiculous, that’s because it is.

New York Assembly Member Felix Ortiz said of surge pricing that “this is nothing more than price gouging.” Ortiz adds that “consumers using these services think they are being given a deal but often leave with empty wallets. Alternatives for transportation in busy cities are always welcome but this practice of spiking fares is unfair and is simply bad business.”

Even Twitter is rife with customers who are unhappy with Uber’s surge pricing. They’ve been sharing their discontent on the social network for years.

Customers are complaining about Uber surge pricing

Uber’s Surge Pricing is driving prices sky high

Another curious finding is that it’s not just customers who are upset with surge pricing. It turns out that many (though not all) Uber drivers are also averse to the practice. It’s true, a lot of Uber drivers are comfortable with surge pricing because they are able to generate a little extra income. However, many other drivers find the practice misleading, opportunistic, and irregular.

What this all means is that people are looking for more affordable (and trustworthy) options. It goes without saying that trust is fundamental to business and consumer behavior.

At WallyPark Airport Parking, you know what you’re going to get, and you will always know how much your airport parking will cost (hint: it’ll be way less than Uber’s surge pricing).

So come on down! When you need to travel, trust your car and parking needs to the pros. It’s what we do 365 days a year. It’s all we do.

Author: Alfredo Lopez


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