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Top 10 Travel Hacks for the Modern Traveler

These are the top 10 travel hacks for the modern traveler

While you’re eager to tick off that next big destination from your bucket list, in the back of your mind you’re also wondering how to make the most of your adventures. Gone are the days of dragging yourself to your local travel agent to secure the best flight deals. Or what about the frantic search for those missing camera film rolls? You know, the ones lying in a box in the back of your grandma’s attic from that Disneyland trip in 2001?

Let’s face it – we’re intrepid travelers in the middle of a digital revolution. We could sit here and tell you about the ten different ways you can fold your socks when packing for your next big trip, but we know that if you’re reading this then you’re already a travel expert (you’ve even got your airport parking sorted!). Instead, feast your eyes on this handy list we’ve put together that features some of the top travel hacks for you, the modern traveler.

1. App-tastic

Apps are a good travel hack for modern travelers

With the internet and all its glory at your fingertips, your needs on the road can be met through apps.

Travel tip #1 – If you find yourself running out of internet data, or worse, with no access to the internet at all, there’s an app for that. Apps such as Citymapper pull maps and information on local transportation (including costs and journey duration) across key cities in the world. Best of all, you can save journeys and maps to use offline.

2. Newsletters

Subscribing to newsletters are a good travel hack for modern travelers

The struggle is real when it comes to securing the ideal flight at the cheapest price. When you simply don’t have time to keep up with deals on a daily basis, newsletters are the way forward.

Travel tip #2 – Sign up to receive newsletters from travel agents and airlines (you’ll be surprised how useful they are). Tuesdays are common days for last minute fare sales—so you’re more likely to be among the first to score the perfect deal if you signed up to that newsletter.

3. Photo sharing the easy way

Photo sharing is a good travel hack for modern travelers

Eager to share a file or photo with your friends but don’t want to use up your roaming data? Well you’re in luck!

Travel tip #3 – Most Apple users forget about this feature or may have not heard about it, but using Airdrop enables iOS users to wirelessly share large files and photos with each other.

4. Ready, set…snap!

Having smartphone photo lenses is a good travel hack for modern travelers

It’s no surprise that there’s been an increase in the use of smartphone photography— especially when on the road. But what happens if you don’t have that expensive gear to take epic-looking photos?

Travel tip #4 – Portable camera lenses for your smartphone are the way forward. With plenty of lenses now on the market (at much lower prices than your usual travel photography gear), this might just be the next best solution if you’re looking to take creative photos for your all-important Instagram upload.

5. Cheap sleep

Cheap sleep is a good travel hack for modern travelers

Travel isn’t cheap, but you can definitely make it cost as little as possible when you know how.

Travel tip #5 – If you’re traveling on a budget, you don’t necessarily need to fork out on accommodation. In fact, signing up to sites such as Couchsurfing means you can sleep for free and meet like-minded travelers. Simply sign up as a member and get access to thousands of hosts all over the world who are willing to give up their spare beds or sofas to backpackers on a budget.

6. In-flight texting

Texting through T Mobile is a good travel hack for modern travelers

What’s this? You can text on the plane? You read correct.

Travel tip #6 – T-Mobile recently announced that it is the first wireless carrier to enable in-flight texting on selected airlines for customers with a valid number—so make use of this if you can!

7. Online and in advance

Checking in online is a good travel hack for modern travelers

Travel can bring out the best and the worst in us, especially when we have to exercise patience.

Travel tip #7 – As simple as it sounds, checking in online is a must! This gives you the best pick of the seats, especially if you’re an impatient traveler. Picking seats towards the front of the plane also means you’re one of the first to get off, while ordering a special meal online means you get served first (it won’t hurt to go veggie for one flight).

8. Empty bottles

Empty bottles are a good travel hack for modern travelers

This one may sound pretty obvious, but it’s one that many tend to forget.

Travel tip #8 – Pack an empty water bottle to avoid paying for another after you pass through customs! Take advantage of the free water fountains located around airports instead.

9. Digital copies

Taking pictures of your luggage is a good travel hack for modern travelers

Another obvious one, but handy nonetheless!

Travel tip #9 – We’ve all had to deal with missing luggage at least once in our travels, but you can help yourself out by taking photos of your luggage and travel documents before you fly (in case the unmentionable happens).

10. Start a travel blog

Starting a travel blog is a good travel hack for modern travelers

A must-do for the modern traveler…

Travel tip #10 –Blogging is the perfect way to document your adventures and share with your family and friends. WordPress and Blogger are free to use and easily accessible.


When not too busy traveling the world, checking out the latest tunes in the music scene or perfecting her Digital Marketing skills, you can catch Carolina on her personal travel blog.


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