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Make a Reservation and WallyPark will plant a tree!

WallyPark Will Plant Enough Trees to Fill an Airport

Hey, do you enjoy breathing? Great, that means you like trees. If a tree gets planted and there’s no one there to see it, does it grow? Umm…go ahead and Google it—we don’t know. Something about the moon and the soil. Here’s what we do know: healthy forests are not a luxury. The forests on […]

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Concur Fusion 2017, March 14-17, Chicago, IL

WallyPark Will Make it Rain at Concur Fusion 2017

Did you hear? WallyPark Airport Parking is one of Concur’s newest App Center Partners and a Platinum sponsor at this year’s Concur’s Fusion Conference. The Conference will take place from March 14-17 in Chicago, IL. Click here to see what we have in store for Concur Fusion 2017! WallyPark’s new partnership with Concur provides a […]

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Welcome to Wallypark

Welcome to the WallyPark Blog!

Airport parking (or just regular parking) has been around for longer than you think. The first ever parking sign (in Ancient Assyria) dates to around 700 B.C. and read “ROYAL ROAD – LET NO MAN DECREASE IT.” You know what the penalty was? Being impaled in front of your house. Umm, suddenly parking tickets don’t […]

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