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When traveling for business, it's important to stretch during your flight

3 Soothing Stretches You Can Do During a Flight

So you packed up all your essentials, daydreamed for hours while waiting to board your flight, and now you’ve finally been called in to joust for your seat on the plane (good thing you’ve been practicing those MMA moves). Yep, it’s another coast to coast flight. LA to New York. Boston to Seattle. San Francisco […]

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Business Books for Business Travel

Top 5 Books to Read During Your Business Travel

Business travel can be busy. You’re on the go. You’re shuffling around town, hopping in and out of your 8th Uber. You can’t tell if it’s your phone ringing, your computer or tablet buzzing, or if you just reached the point where you’re “hearing things.” What was that sound? If you have some leisure time […]

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Business Travel Essentials

6 Essentials for the Business Traveler

  So you’ve overpacked your bags (again), got your airport parking lined up (you’re welcome), and you’re ready to fly out to close that deal, put out that fire, or rock that presentation. Sure, business travel can be challenging but it’s not anything that you can’t master, especially after the…how many times have you done […]

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