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Zika virus prevention tips

WallyPark is Helping Zap the Zika Virus

Let’s zap that sucker! That was our first thought when we decided to partner with the State of Georgia’s Department of Public Health to help raise awareness and distribute information about the risks, prevention, and concerns related to the Zika virus (as well as other illnesses spread by exposure to infected mosquitoes). As you all […]

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Business Travel Essentials

6 Essentials for the Business Traveler

  So you’ve overpacked your bags (again), got your airport parking lined up (you’re welcome), and you’re ready to fly out to close that deal, put out that fire, or rock that presentation. Sure, business travel can be challenging but it’s not anything that you can’t master, especially after the…how many times have you done […]

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WallyPark planted 20,746 trees in April

WallyPark Declares April “Earth Month” to Plant Trees

WallyPark Airport Parking, an L&R Company, ran a month-long campaign to help reduce their carbon footprint and green-up the earth. LOS ANGELES, CA (PRWEB) MAY 16, 2017 To celebrate Earth Day and an ongoing commitment to sustainability, WallyPark Airport Parking ran a month-long campaign to help reduce their carbon footprint and green-up the earth. Turning […]

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Surge pricing by Uber is knocking people out

Uber’s Surge Pricing is Driving Customers Nuts

Are you familiar with Uber’s “surge pricing?” Surge pricing is the practice of raising prices during times of high demand. For example, there is typically high demand during rush hour, holidays, music or sporting events, inclement weather, etc. At WallyPark Airport Parking, we’ve gained tons of new airport parking customers who have simply had enough […]

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Welcome to Wallypark

Welcome to the WallyPark Blog!

Airport parking (or just regular parking) has been around for longer than you think. The first ever parking sign (in Ancient Assyria) dates to around 700 B.C. and read “ROYAL ROAD – LET NO MAN DECREASE IT.” You know what the penalty was? Being impaled in front of your house. Umm, suddenly parking tickets don’t […]

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