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JAX Parking: Who has the Best Parking Rates?

Jacksonville airport parking

When looking at JAX parking options, there are a few variables that you are probably considering: Price, Ease of finding a space, and Service. So, let’s compare the Jacksonville Airport parking facilities to parking off-site at WallyPark Airport Parking.

Why Compare?

Why do we think it’s important to compare parking at JAX and WallyPark Airport Parking? Simply because Jacksonville Airport recently raised their parking rates, and we think it is important that customers know what their options are.

Jacksonville Airport Parking Map

JAX Parking Rate Table

Price Comparison

WallyPark Airport Parking

If you’re planning on parking at JAX Airport, you should consider WallyPark’s parking facilities. We are only a few minutes away, and our shuttle drops you off right at the terminal’s curbside. Plus all of our parking is covered parking. Trust me, you’ll love this when you arrive back in the heat of summer. Additionally, you can save more money if you book your parking online. If you’re looking to save money and receive great service then park WallyPark Airport Parking.

Parking at the Airport

The cheapest parking option at Jacksonville International Airport is the Economy Lots. These two lots are located about a mile away from the curbside of JAX Airport so you will need to take a shuttle to get to your terminal. If you would rather not take a shuttle from the Economy Lots to the airport, you can park at the JAX Parking Garage or Daily Surface Lot. Of course, you will be charged much more for parking at the garages, but you will have the convenience of walking to your terminal. If you would rather not have to find a parking space, you can use JAX’s valet service.

WallyPark Jacksonville Airport Parking


WallyPark Airport Parking

WallyPark’s parking facility is located only a few minutes away from the main terminal. When comparing distances and shuttle routes, be sure to keep in mind that JAX’s economy lots run on a shuttle schedule. Depending on when you arrive, you may have a longer shuttle wait time because of availability. If you park at WallyPark, our shuttles will take you to the airport’s curbside shortly after you park your vehicle. You’ll be on your way in no time!

Parking at the Airport

JAX garage and Daily Surface Lot allow travelers easy walking access to the main terminal. However, if you do not find a space near the terminal, you may be dragging your luggage a decent distance in order to reach your airline’s ticketing counter. Additionally, each Economy Parking Lot at JAX offers shuttle services, and both lots are approximately 2-3 minutes from the terminal. Unfortunately, the Economy Lot shuttles operate on a rotation so you may be waiting up to 10 minutes in order to catch a ride to the curbside of JAX Airport.

Jacksonville international airport parking

Finding a parking space

WallyPark Airport Parking

You might be thinking, “Why bother parking at WallyPark? It will take waaaay to long.” But you may be surprised that this is actually not the case!

Once you arrive, the shuttle team will be notified of your parking location so they can pick you up as soon as you step out of your car so you can board the shuttle for a short drive to the curbside of Jacksonville Airport. After being dropped off, you will only need to walk through the automatic doors to arrive at your airline’s ticketing counter.

Parking at the Airport

When you park at either of the Economy Lots, Daily Surface Lot, or the parking garage, you are not directed to the nearest parking space. Unfortunately, it may take quite a bit of time to find a parking space. Finding a parking can become a significant problem especially around the holidays when parking is in high demand and spaces are limited. If you are in a rush (which most of us are), we suggest that you arrive pretty early to be sure that no fear-of-missing-your-flight panic sets in. Or, a simpler solution, you can park off-site so you can be directed to the nearest parking space!

JAX Airport Parking Garage


WallyPark Airport Parking

As mentioned previously, WallyPark’s facility has continuous shuttle service which is a win for you! No need to wait around for a shuttle. They’ll be ready to pick you up quickly!

Besides our shuttle service, we think we have an edge on the airport’s parking operations because we offer auxiliary services such as car wash, car detailing, and oil changes. Plus, if you’re a corporate traveler you can get an even better parking rate with our corporate parking program. Try getting all of those services when parking at the JAX Airport facilities!

Parking at the Airport

If you park at Jacksonville Airport, most of the service you will receive is self-service. Besides valet parking service and shuttle service, Jacksonville Airport does not offer many services to their parking customers. At Jacksonville Airport, the valet parking service is available at the Terminal Garage while the shuttle service is available upon parking at either of the Economy Lots.

If you are looking better service and even more perks, you may want to check out WallyPark! You may be surprised to find that parking can be so much more than just parking. We dare you to check us out!

WallyPark Airport Parking Service

Online Reservations

WallyPark Airport Parking

One awesome perk with WallyPark is that all of our customers have the ability to reserve their parking ahead of time. What is the value of it? By making a reservation, you lock-in your low rate and guarantee your parking space will be there when you arrive. What’s even better is that WallyPark offers a lower rate for reserving your parking ahead of time. Why? Because, the facility wants to know when you’re coming so they can be prepared for your stay. Nice to know someone has your back!

Parking at the Airport

Jacksonville Airport does not currently offer parking reservations for their Parking Garage, Daily Lot, or either of their Economy Lots at the moment. If you are looking to find parking at these facilities, you will be able to find a space on a first come, first serve basis.

At WallyPark, we know that you can easily park with us and enjoy low parking rates. If you’re parking at Jacksonville Airport soon, be sure to compare rates, distance, and services so you can have the best parking experience possible.

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