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6 Essentials for Fall Travel

When traveling in the Fall, make sure you pack these essentials

Temperatures are dropping, leaves are falling, and airfares are somewhat reasonable. Autumn is here, and it is one of the best times of the year to travel. With more affordable travel costs, you have the opportunity to see and do more at your chosen destination. Whether you’re planning to catch a football game or indulge in all the craft beer that Oktoberfest brings, you’ll benefit from packing these Fall essentials.

A Pair of Black Jeans

Black Jeans are part of the essentials for traveling in the Fall

No matter where you are traveling this fall, you’ll need to pack some denim. A pair of black jeans is appropriate for just about any occasion. This serves as the ultimate day-to-night wardrobe this fall. Opt for a durable, yet comfortable pair of jeans. Check out Gap or J Crew. Both offer quality, fall-proof denim for the whole family.

A Cardigan

Cardigans are part of the essentials for traveling in the Fall

Layer up. Don’t forget to pack a cardigan for your fall trip. This piece will come in handy. Aim for a warm, yet lightweight cardigan that can be easily packed and comfortably layered over short and long-sleeve tops. If you’re heading to a cooler climate, bring a heavier cardigan. To maximize space, we recommend wearing your thicker sweaters and outerwear on the plane.

Allergy Medicine

Allergy medicine is part of the essentials for traveling in the Fall

When the seasons change, allergies are inevitable. They can be especially pesky when traveling from one climate to another in the fall. Pack a necessary supply of non-drowsy allergy medicine in your carry-on bag. According to experts, fall allergies are starting earlier than ever this year. Shape.com notes that, “thanks to a rise in air pollution, which can trigger symptoms, people who’ve never had allergies might start getting them now.” It’s best to bring some medicine along to defend yourself against that notorious ragweed that comes with fall.

Umbrella or Poncho

Umbrellas are part of the essentials for traveling in the Fall

Fall weather isn’t just cool. It’s sometimes wet. When traveling, you should be prepared for rain and sleet. Pack an umbrella just in case. Ponchos are an even better option if you’ll be attending a sporting event at your destination, as outdoor football stadiums typically prohibit umbrellas.

Extra Rich Moisturizer for Face and Body

Face and body moisturizer is part of the essentials for traveling in the Fall

In addition to causing an influx of allergy symptoms, autumn can also wreak havoc on your skin, causing both unwanted breakouts and extremely dry skin. Whether you have naturally dry or oily skin, hydration will be your lifesaver this fall. The air tends to have less humidity in the fall and winter months, so packing an extra-rich face and body moisturizer is a must for your next getaway. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream is a great choice, as it is hypoallergenic and ideal for all skin types.

Weatherproof Luggage

Weatherproof luggage is part of the essentials when traveling in the Fall

You’re at the airport and it’s raining cats and dogs outside. You’re waiting to board your plane, and you happen to look outside the window and see your precious suitcase at the top of a cart full of unloaded luggage. The mere thought of your possessions falling victim to inclement weather should be enough to invest in weatherproof luggage for your fall trip. There are plenty of hard shell luggage options available on Amazon.


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