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6 Essentials for the Business Traveler


Business Travel Essentials

Essentials of business travel

So you’ve overpacked your bags (again), got your airport parking lined up (you’re welcome), and you’re ready to fly out to close that deal, put out that fire, or rock that presentation. Sure, business travel can be challenging but it’s not anything that you can’t master, especially after the…how many times have you done this, again?

Business travel (even for seasoned hustlers and jet setters) can be a hurried experience, so you definitely don’t want to lose time and get caught without your essentials. The most obvious of these are your laptop computer and your smartphone. That’s a given. Many business travelers often travel with multiple devices, including multiple laptop computers. Why?

Connectivity is vital.

No matter where you are flying, you have to connect to the internet to get work done. In fact, you can’t even call it a business trip unless you check your email 823 times a day, so get with it. Next time you’re on the go and traveling on business, remember to bring these essentials along.

A Kindle (or those antiques we call ‘real books’)

WallyPark Airport Parking recommends a Kindle or a book for your business travel

Hey business traveler, catch up on your favorite books!

When you have some down time (does that ever happen?) you may want to catch up on your reading. Whether it’s the latest New York Times bestseller, a literary classic, or your 18th time reading Twilight, it’s always a good idea to crack open a book (or press buttons on your Kindle). There are also numerous cognitive benefits to reading, including relieving stress, boosting your empathy, developing emotional intelligence, and boosting your vocabulary (so you can charm people during your presentation). Go ahead, crack that book open!

Portable Charger/Power Bank

WallyPark Airport Parking recommends a portable charger for your business travel

As a business traveler you need your phone charged and ready

We’re sure it’s happened to you. It’s happened to everyone. You’re traveling, you’ve already made 26 phone calls and checked Facebook 38 times, and your phone is dying. Your phone has even sent you a warning saying, “Hey! I’m going to black out soon, feed me,” but you have no access to an outlet to charge your phone. What do you do? Do you go into that nearby restaurant and ask to use one of their outlets in exchange for you buying a gourmet cup of water? Of course you don’t. You get yourself a portable charger to bail you out every single time. This is one of those products that, once you have it, you can’t imagine ever traveling without it again.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

WallyPark Airport Parking recommends noise canceling headphones for your business travel

Turn on and tune in

Whether you want to blast your Spice Girls playlist or just avoid listening to the teenagers next to you on the plane, noise-cancelling headphones are a great investment for your business traveling. They’re also a very effective way to cancel out surrounding distractions and focus on cranking out some work. There are obviously tons of options for noise-canceling headphones. That can get daunting. Don’t worry, we made it easy for you. Simply click here to check out the best noise-canceling headphones of 2017.

Stain Removing Pen

WallyPark Airport Parking recommends a stain removing pen for your business travel

Our first recommendation: don’t wear a white suit for business travel. Don’t do it. We could leave it at that, but the fact remains that spills happen. All the time. And since no one has invented an adult bib (what are you waiting for Silicon Valley?), we have to go with the next best thing. That’s where your trusty stain removing pen can get you out of a jam (or get that strawberry jam out).

Dry Shampoo

WallyPark Airport Parking recommends dry shampoo for your business and leisure travel

Ignore the picture above. That’s not dry. You should get some dry shampoo. You can usually find dry shampoo in an aerosol spray at most convenience stores like Target or WalMart. Kendra, our social media manager, highly recommends this dry shampoo from Sephora. It’s only $23. That’s well worth being able to remove all the oil from your dome, unless you want to blind the people sitting next to you on the plane with your oily scalp. Your call.

Portable Computer Lock

WallyPark Airport Parking recommends a portable computer lock for your business travel

So you finally snagged a table at Starbucks (after standing outside for 15 minutes) and you’re ready to get to work. In the United States alone, a computer is stolen every 53 seconds. Why risk it? Especially when you’re out of town. Go out and get yourself a computer/notebook lock to protect your computer and your valuable work. The best part? Now you can go to the restroom whenever you like without bugging strangers to look after your stuff.

Author: Alfredo Lopez


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