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5 Reasons You Should Travel Solo

Here are 5 reasons to travel solo

There’s no denying solo travel has become hugely popular over the years, and with plenty of passionate globetrotters packing their bags and choosing to take on the world’s most magnificent sites and glorious countries on their own, we think it’s high time you do too! So if you’re eager to set off on the trip of your dreams but are wondering whether it’s really worth it, check out our reasons to say yes to booking those plane tickets.

You Gain a Sense of Independence 

Gaining a sense of independence is one reason you should travel solo

As human beings, we’re pretty used to our creature comforts. We rely on each other to get by—especially when it comes to travel. But who’s to say you won’t learn a thing or two when on the road alone? Traveling solo can be a great way of eliminating those limits and boundaries that you set for yourself in everyday life.

When faced with new situations in new environments you have no choice but to learn to adapt to your surroundings and make quick decisions. This is a hugely rewarding experience in the long run. You learn to be independent to the point where you’re no longer afraid to volunteer for something at work or take on that new hobby you’ve always been interested in. You got this, and it’s all thanks to your newfound independence muscle.

Travel at Your Own Pace

When you travel solo you can travel at your own pace

Picture this scenario: You’re on vacation in a sunny, colonial town where the cobbled streets and golden rays of sunshine lead you to a highly recommended local restaurant. In a sudden twist of fate, however, your friend would rather play it safe and grab a slice of pizza.  The great thing about going solo means you get to call the shots when out exploring. Everything from where you choose to go, to what you decide to eat, is based on what you like and involves zero compromise. Don’t let that slice of pepperoni ruin your trip.

You Learn to Face Your Fears

When you travel solo you learn to face your fears

There’s a popular saying that says that ‘great things never came from comfort zones,’ and that’s exactly what taking off on your own adventure is all about. It’s about saying yes to doing things you never thought you’d have the courage to try or couldn’t try before. So if you’ve always wanted to sky dive, snorkel, or climb a mountain, doing so while on a solo vacation is the perfect time! Best of all you’ll have plenty of stories to share with loved ones back home and you may inspire someone else to give it a go in the future.

Say Hello to New Friends

Meet new friends when you travel solo

Traveling on your own certainly doesn’t have to be a lonely experience. In fact, there’s almost always going to be at least one person you have to communicate with when you’re out exploring, and while that might seem like a scary thing to do when you don’t know someone well enough, you’ll be surprised by some of the incredible people with interesting stories to tell about their own travel experiences.

Meeting new people on your travels will not only help boost your confidence when talking to strangers, but it will open up your perspective and potentially change your outlook on life. That’s what it’s all about at the end of the day.

Learning to Appreciate What Matters

When you travel solo you become grateful for your life and family back home

The world of travel can be exhilarating and filled with new experiences around every corner. Every year millions of eager travelers are plotting their next big trip, but among the thrill of packing your bags and preparing for that ultimate solo adventure that you’ve spent months planning, there’s a far bigger lesson that you will only learn when you’re out there.

When you’re surrounded by new sights, sounds, and people, you will find that while it’s the trip of a lifetime, you’re also lucky to have the people that are a part of your life back home. There’s no better gift that travel can give you than the realization of what truly matters. It doesn’t stop you from catching the travel bug but it definitely makes going home that much more exciting every time.


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